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2010 Trivia Night

May 17th, 2011


7th Annual Trivia Night was held on April 10th.  The theme was Flower Power.  The gardeners were out as were …..
the hippies and all the members of their commune.
Is that a baker (hmmm…. flour power) and some ninjas?  The Silent Auction is always popular.
Wow!  That’s a wild shirt Dave… our Trivia Master.  Thanks again this year for all the great Trivia
David and Laurie marking and tallying the scores for each table on the Trivia questions.
Taking a well deserved break from delivering treats and assisting with all the games.
Thank you Barb Penner for your years and hard work on the PLAN Okanagan board and inspiring families with hope for a good life for their loved one with a disability.  We’re going to miss you!
Thanks to all those who donated to our Silent Auction; and a special thanks to the Cove Lakeside Resort and Geoff and Marcie Paynter for their donations.


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