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La Casa Cottage Resort Run for Friends

May 31st, 2011


How did you spend your May long weekend? If you ask the owners of La Casa Cottage Resort near Kelowna, BC, they are likely to tell you that they spent May 22nd working for a great cause… working because they were running in the first ever La Casa Cottage Resort’s Run for Friends.  They began at the shores of Lake Okanagan winding their way up the hillside and through the wilderness trails.  This would have been both a challenging and exhilarating course.  The views and vistas along the way are amazing and I’m sure a welcome distraction from the strain on the body.

Thank you for your generosity and enthusiastic support of PLAN Okanagan in your first La Casa Cottage Resort’s Run for Friends.

We live in amazing part of the world with incredible scenery and recreational opportunities.  But what makes this such a wonderful place to live is the generosity and genuine desire of the people who live here, whether on a permanent or seasonal basis, to secure a good life for all. Hats off to the participants, volunteers, and owners alike at La Casa Cottage Resort.



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