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New Program: Assistive Technology in the Workplace

June 16th, 2015


Neil Squire Society



Supporting Employment for People with Disabilities / Favoriser l’embauche des personnes handicapées

We are pleased to announce that Neil Squire Solutionshas been awarded a British Colombia government contract with funding from the provincial and federal government called Technology@Work.

The Technology@Work Program is designed to support employment for people with disabilities in all regions of British Columbia who require Assistive Technology to overcome disability-related barriers in the workplace. This program will help individuals who are already employed, self-employed, or volunteering, as well as those who are about to start a new work opportunity. When Assistive Technology is a barrier to employment or volunteerism, Technology@Work will help determine and acquire the Assistive Technology that will meet the needs of the individual and the work situation. Our services are available for both individuals and employers.Please visit our Technology@Work page for more information.

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