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BC Provincial Government Announces Disability and Income Assistance rate increase

July 26th, 2017


From Disability Alliance BC Community Update letter

Provincial Disability and Income Assistance Rates to Increase September 20th 2017

Premier John Horgan has announced a monthly increase of $100 to BC disability and income assistance rates. This change begins September 20th 2017 (October benefits). The maximum rate for support and shelter for a single person will be:

–           $710 (Income Assistance)

–           $757 (Persons with Persistent Multiple Barriers to Employment – PPMB)

–           $1081 (Persons with Disabilities with a bus pass – PWD)

–           $1133 (Persons with Disabilities without a bus pass – PWD)

(please follow the above link for full letter from DABC; also check out link below to the BC Government website and their news release)


BC Government Announces new increase for income assistance and people with disabilities

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