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Board and Staff


PLAN Okanagan has vacancies on our Board of Directors.  

Are you interested in being part of our organization and helping to make positive changes in your community for people with disabilities and their families.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.  

The monthly commitment isn’t large, approximately 3 hours per month; we welcome your talents, ability and commitment!


Our human resources, and the resulting relationships and partnerships, are considered our most valuable assets. The PLAN Okanagan Board of Directors is comprised of at least 60% family members at all times to ensure that the organization is always family directed. Each individual brings a unique skill set, and perspective to our organization, and we are all committed to the pursuit of our vision, mission and core values. Lifetime Members provide mentorship to family members who are new to our organization, or who are seeking assistance with Future Planning. These dedicated family members are the heart of the organization; they have advocated tirelessly for their loved ones; they recognize that building relationships and future planning contributes to peace of mind and a good life.


  • David Paynter-President
  • Patricia Cecconi- Treasurer
  • Sandra Jeaurond – Secretary
  • Julie Armitage – Director
  • Teresa Harrington – Director
  • Aimee Jensen – Director

Thank you Lynne Wiseman for your two terms on the board, your enthusiasm and fresh ideas brought new life to the board.  Thank you for your sparkling presence on the board.

PLAN Okanagan currently employs a part-time Coordinator, Mary Bickert, and we contract with individuals who have a propensity for connecting with community, to facilitate the Social Network Development process. Our Coordinator is involved in both individual network facilitation, and also provides support, mentorship, and guidance to our facilitators as they develop and maintain their networks.  Our Coordinator also is involved in the facilitation of a variety of the workshops PLAN Okanagan hosts.




We wish to thank Kathy Currier for her many years of service on our board.  We will miss your enthusiasm, your wealth of information and experience, your encouragement, and all your hard work.  We wish you all the best.


Many thanks to Bronwen McCann and Brent Cheal for your great contributions to our board.  We will miss you and all your hard work on behalf of PLAN Okanagan.

2011 – 2012

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