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Dawning of a New Age for People with Disabilities in Canada


By Al Etmanski, PLAN co-founder The recently proposed Accessible Canada Act and the just released Senate report on essential fixes for Revenue Canada concerning the disability tax credit, Breaking Down Barriers are stellar achievements for advocates with disabilities and the receptive politicians and public servants who listened. If both are implemented,…
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Hi! I’m Teresa and this is my food bank experience…

My name is Teresa.  I am a volunteer at my local food bank in Kelowna, BC. I go for three hours one morning a week.  I have been volunteering at my food bank for 2 years and 6 months. I help to educate new volunteers to the food bank and I teach them how to do things.  I always say…
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BC Supreme Court Holds that RDSP Funds Cannot Be Seized by Trustee-in-Bankruptcy for Payment to Creditors

From THE EXCHANGE – Financial Institutions Litigation Blog BLG / Borden Ladner Gervais Friday, November 18, 2016 The Supreme Court of British Columbia made an order that the funds in a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) could not be seized by the Trustee-in-Bankruptcy of the bankrupt beneficiary to satisfy the claims of creditors. more  …
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More aging B.C. parents struggling to raise adult children with disabilities

Have a look at this article from The Province, November 20, 2016 More aging B.C. parents struggling to raise adult children with disabilities
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‘Fire In The Mountains’ – West Kelowna Professional Firefighters breaking down barriers for people with disabilities (West Kelowna Castanet Article)

From West Kelowna Castanet

Carmen Weld – Feb 27, 2016 / 10:48 am | Story: 159187 As seen in the West Kelowna Castanet article:  The West Kelowna Professional Firefighters Local 4457 will once again be breaking down barriers for individuals with disabilities… Please follow this link to West Kelowna Castanet to read about this great story! Hats of to…
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Let’s address loneliness…. PLAN ezine

PLAN’s monthly ezine covers relevant news and stories related to disability
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Let’s Address Loneliness: February 2016 If you are a listener of CBC’s The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti, you may have heard her recent interview with rising disability advocate Helen Ries. Helen is a writer, thinker, community activist, and professional consultant, and

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Sister-turned-caregiver highlights lack of support for brother with Down Syndrome

February 1st, 2016 Listen to story from CBC’s The Current 26:18 Paul Knoll, his sister Helen Ries and her husband, all live together in Ottawa. Paul has Down Syndrome, and last year, after their mother died, it changed their lives completely. ​Over the past year, Helen has stepped into the role of being Paul’s caregiver.  And it’s been quite a…
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BC Advocate for Service Quality (CLBC) position review released

Letter from Paula Grant, Interim Advocate for Service Quality: (MSDSI Advocate for Service Quality) I am pleased to provide an update on the recent review of the office of the Advocate for Service Quality.  As you probably recall, I was asked to fill the Advocate’s position on a temporary basis following the retirement of Jane Holland and to conduct a…
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PLAN families asked government to shift disability benefits from a welfare model to a well being model

PLAN Families Realise Major Shift in BC’s Disability Benefits Model

In March of 2014 a number of PLAN families met for an important meeting with the Minister of Social Development and Social Innovation, the purpose of which was to share our desires and dreams. Specifically we encouraged the provincial government of British Columbia to adopt a new framework for supporting

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New Program: Assistive Technology in the Workplace

Neil Squire Society Update

Supporting Employment for People with Disabilities / Favoriser l’embauche des personnes handicapées

We are pleased to announce that Neil Squire Solutionshas been awarded a British Colombia government contract with funding from the provincial and federal government called Technology@Work. The Technology@Work Program is designed to support employment for people with disabilities in all regions of

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