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Future Planning



Trusts, wills, assisted decision making, guardianship and home ownership. PLAN Okanagan prepares families to take the steps necessary for effective future planning. This planning includes information and referral in areas of financial planning. Information is provided through different formats. We host and/or facilitate workshops in these areas, provide written material and will do one to one consultation if families request individual support. A newsletter is written that goes to families and interested persons. The newsletter includes articles of interest to families and those involved with people with disabilities, such as new tax legislations and tips on trusts. These articles are written by professionals working in their respective areas.
Workshops include:

  1. Orientation to PLAN Okanagan
  2. Registered Disability Savings Plan RDSPĀ  (Plan Okanagan and Financial Planner)
  3. Wills, Estate Planning and Trust Fund (Lawyer)
  4. Beyond Graduation (PLAN Okanagan)
  5. Future Planning Series (PLAN Okanagan)
  6. Weaving the Ties that Bind (PLAN Institute and PLAN Okanagan)
  7. Home is Where the Heart Is (PLAN Institute and PLAN Okanagan)
  8. Representation Agreements (Representation Agreement Resource Centre)

Call the PLAN Okanagan office to find out about workshops in your area.

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